In what way it works?

bitcoin mix service

All customers of the system can easily mix Bitcoins and we promise them safety in the process. After we get your coins, they would be blended with the range of other transactions with help of a so called mixer, that has more than 2000 coins in the store. Matching them with the innumerable transactions, helps us to make it impossible to identify the origin and the final stage of your coins. Because of the rate of the store, we can operate all transactions very fast, that is why no need to worry about the supply of the coins.

CryptoMixer ticks your Bitcoins

Sometimes, some clients are worried, that they would have back the coins, that they send to us, and the fee just would be lower. It would never happen. That is why each coin, that you send us is marked, using special algorithm, and as a result you would never have a same coin. The company knows the effects of working in such way and we dodge from actions, that could bring us some hazards. Freedom, latitude, solitude – CryptoMixer can guarantee you same here.

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