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Making your coins to be in safety from 2016 [ANN]

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Making your coins to be in safety from 2016 [ANN]

The service was created with help of inlets of the commune of Bitcoin. The procedure itself working on the total believe and that is why we are defending our standing at all costs! And also the “Letter of Guarantee” was created for every deal in the frame. We are ready to assist and support you 24/7. The main purpose: to provide more safety and obscurity for the deals by promoting security of the deals in the Internet.

For what I need to blend coins, that I have?

Warrant Informer

The company affirms, that we would have a management of your substructure. The service faced a violation of the data or has been compromised. All customers are aware of any info, and one more thing: no one compelled us to make changes in the service in order to permit an approach or the leak of any kind of the information to the third person.

As of we claimed next points

  • No accepted any National Security letters accepted;
  • No gag orders have been received;
  • No orders form the government have been received.

We are carrying out zero-log politics. It means following: we never record the actions of our customers, in case to make sure, that they would have total safety and security.

Retain the capital obscure using - Bitcoin mixer

Because of the nowadays digital system flourishing, a lot of users toggled to the Blockchain, and of course, the method, that we use for paying for the purchases and making transaction has changed. It’s not surprising, that such new technologies changed the privacy also. The most interesting thing about Blockchain, is that the system documents each deal in the open for everyone account book, so everyone is able to track them, if they would need it. If you are looking for higher degree of the confidentiality, try coin mixer.

What is CryptoMixer? It is a special mixing maintenance for Bitcoin (it is also called toggle switch or liquidizer) the main purpose is to hide all your doings in the network for other people. Maybe you can guess from the name, that CryptoMixer is working in such way: we mix your coins with ours, that are in the special stocks, and in this way you can conduct a partial transaction. With help of our service, it would be unable to identify your Bitcoins, that is why you can be sure in the safety of your coins.

So since you now the most useful information about the CryptoMixer, we answered on the most popular questions and you are ready to use it now, it is time for some really cognitive and useful info about the Bitcoin itself. Cause, no doubt you need to know at least a little about such cryptocurrency, moreover if you are working with it.

The most interesting and valuable information for you is here!

First operation with Bitcoin was implemented in 2009, on the 21 of January.

In total, 21 million bitcoins can be produced, which will be mined gradually due to mining process, that would become more complicated. Experts say, that the last coin would be mined in 2140!

It is still unknown who created Bitcoin. We know only one name - Satoshi Nakamoto - but no one knows, whether it is just a one person or a group of programmers. And till this day, the creator of Bitcoin remains anonymous.

The goal of creating bitcoin is to decentralize financial turnover, to bring it out from the states controlling. Saying in more simple words, free money with easy and quick transfer.

More than half of the bitcoins already mined today are owned by 1000 people. This means, that making money on Bitcoin is a real thing!

So why it is better to choose our mixer of Bitcoins?

The main feature of the CryptoMixer - we accounted all demands of the users of Bitcoin! We took into account each customers secrecy and also safety, such features are the main points of the blending maintenance and what’s more, we are interested in transforming each possibility to the benefit of the customers. Therefore, we tried to make everything, to add all described characteristics to the Bitcoin mixer:

Only a third half of the coins, that was mined is actively involved in the turnover. The rest are inactive. Experts from this sphere think that most inactive bitcoins are simply lost or forgotten by their users. Do not forget, that if the password for the Bitcoin wallet is lost, then it would impossible to recover it, this is how the system works.

Really high degree of defense

The servers have a progressive coding system, that helps us to be sure in the continuity of the all stored information and also it helps us to downplay the chances of the assay of the Blockchain. Another useful feature: we give our customers a special key, that won’t let them to mix their coins with those, that customer gave us before. What’s more, we constantly remove all features of your transactions, inclusive the direction of Bitcoin.

The highest bitcoin exchange rate nowadays is $ 20,042. This was in December 2017. Then there was a severe drop in the coding of the coins.

Outstanding facilities for mixing

No matter how much Bitcoins you want to mix, the best place to do it – our server. We keep more than 2000 Bitcoins in the store, that gives you a chance to mix your Bitcoins instantly, no need to wait for other customers!

The value of cryptocurrencies was growing step by step. But it became more expensive, than the ounce of gold in 2013.

Letter of Guarantee and small payments

CryptoMixer would help you not to overspend your money, because other blending companies ask you for 1% or more to make a transaction. The fee from the CryptoMixer begins from 0.5% and 0.0005 Bitcoins and also you would be able to give a third person observe the contact among the direction.


Please enter bitcoin forward to address:

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Security level:
Fast payouts confirmation
Up to 24 hours of configurable delays
Up to 2 output addresses
Fast payouts confirmation
Up to 48 hours of configurable delays
Up to 5 output addresses
Premium plan for old valuable clients *
Up to 48 hours of configurable delays
Up to 5 output addresses
* Plan is valid till Jan 31, 2019
​Fast payouts confirmation
Up to 96 hours of configurable delays
Up to 10 output addresses

You send:

BTC to {{getShotAddress(item.InputAddress)}}

You receive ?:

BTC ({{item.percent.toFixed(2)}}%) after {{getItemDelay(item)}} immediately
to {{getShotAddress(item.address)}}

Your personal fee {{getFee() - getDiscount()}}%+{{fixFee}} BTC for every forward address


Mix my bitcoins

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BTC ({{item.percent.toFixed(2)}}%) after {{getItemDelay(item)}} immediately
to {{getShotAddress(item.address)}}

Your personal fee {{getFee() - getDiscount()}}%+{{fixFee}} BTC for every forward address

Amount is less than required

Do you know: When you use CryptoMixer with the same code, you pay less service fee! Your CryptoMixer code is: {{bitcode}}. Save it! See Fees for details.

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Total received {{operation.current.TotalInputAmount}} BTC, Last has

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